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The political and social changes that happened in Portugal in 1974 allowed the emergence of new trends and new life habits.

Tennis, an elite sport with a rising worldwide popularity in the 80's, promoted by the media and the increasing television broadcasts, conquered the Portuguese and triggered the opportunity to launch a quality national brand.

Henrique Schreck and Paulo Schreck involved in the commercialization of sportswear from international brands for the practice of the sport, identified a growing demand for Portuguese articles, and founded the brand MIKE DAVIS. Raul Leitão, at the time president of the Lawn Tennis Club da Foz, and connected to the RL company that commercialized the brand MIKE DAVIS, has a strong connection to the sport that allows them to drive rapid growth.

Henrique and Paulo Schreck, the founders, and specialized in the commercialization of sporting goods, play a key role in the process of spreading the brand and its products.

Later, the promotion of a new sport just arrived in Portugal, windsurfing, constitutes the final element of this symbiosis of sporting practices, pillars of the birth of the brand and represented in the symbol that celebrates its 40th anniversary: a windsurf sail associated with a simple tennis ball.

The passion of the founders and many other collaborators and partners who associated themselves with this idea MIKE DAVIS, the competitions, the schools and the quality of its products fueled the strength that carried the brand to our days.


MIKE DAVIS was born in Foz, in Porto, near the sea, and in a country of sailors who took the name of Portugal by seas never before sailed

Water sports are in the synthesis of the brand, and from early on it promoted the practice of several sea sports, with particular emphasis on windsurfing, but also on yachting and sailing competition with several types of light boats.

In this process, he designed and produced windsurfing boards and sails, neoprene wetsuits and special footwear for the practice of this sport. He also designs and produces equipment for yachting competition, such as nautical parkas and other pieces of equipment for competition or just for leisure.


Tennis has been part of Mike Davis' DNA since its inception

Mike Davis supported tennis schools during the 1980s and 1990s. It developed tennis-inspired pieces and collections throughout its existence and some technical material such as tennis rackets and grips. It was linked to names such as João Guedes, Pedro Cordeiro, João Cunha e Silva, Bernardo Mota and more recently João Sousa, the first Portuguese tennis player to win the Estoril Open, current national number 1 and 43rd in the ATP ranking.


In 1976 the first pieces were created under the MIKE DAVIS brand

The first pieces were piquet polo shirts, tennis shorts, tennis skirts, tennis dresses, elastic wrist bands, tennis rackets, and other accessories.

The brand is associated with tennis through its name, inspired by the Davis Cup and prominent world-class figures, and its logo is linked to sailing and windsurfing symbolism. These two land and sea sports are inseparable from MIKE DAVIS and, through them, we can follow its history.

As a consequence of the association with other sports, other pieces appear, such as all those associated with sea sports: nautical parkas, sport bags, windsurf boards and sailing shoes. Until the mid-80's the brand maintained an association with technical clothing, for the practice of various sports.


MIKE DAVIS' connection with surfing dates back to the early 1980s

The brand is associated with surfing that is beginning to emerge on the national scene. Around this time the brand started developing technical clothing, namely wetsuits and surfboards. The first boards were developed in partnership with Semente. In the mid-80s it supported surf schools and sponsored names like Rui Ribeiro, Antonio Ribas, Ze Ribas, Ze Pedro (Madi) and Filipe Ferreira (Tarzan). "We started looking for waves together at the weekend, on beaches north of Porto. Besides Matosinhos and Leça, we would surf in Vila do Conde (Azurara), Ofir, Esposende, Viana do Castelo." History of Surfing in Portugal. Currently MIKE DAVIS has a positioning very close to the surf, with casual clothing and technical clothing (wetsuits) our ambassador Francisco Alves. Athlete who is going through a new phase of his life, feeling motivated to surf at the highest level. In 2013 he finished inside the Top 5 of the European Circuit and in the same year he was also Top 5 in the national surf circuit (Moche League). He was present in two editions of the Rip Curl Cup. Keeping the tradition, currently MIKE DAVIS supports the Angels Surf School and sponsors the National Surf Federation.


In 2006 MIKE DAVIS became associated with Horseball

The brand sponsored the national team that would become world champions in Argentina. Frederico Cannas, Joaquim Mota, Frederico Marques, Luís Matias and Rodolfo Caetano were part of this team. This sport full of movement, energy and color continues to be a focus of inspiration for new collections.

The Mike Davis Energy

In its origin, the brand was born associated with sports equipment, essentially for windsurfing and tennis.

The energy of the sea and the novelty of a sport, full of emotion and color. The beauty and elegance of tennis movements, a sport essentially practiced by an upper middle class and only in some regions of Portugal, gave MIKE DAVIS a differentiated status.

All the Portuguese tennis champions have been associated with the brand: Pedro Cordeiro, João Guedes, João Cunha e Silva, Bernardo Mota and more recently, João Sousa. But beyond this elite of athletes, the brand has expanded its presence in the country by organizing tennis schools and promoting youth tournaments. It was also a sponsor of the national team, associating the shield of Portugal to the name MIKE DAVIS.

In Windsurfing, without the merit of having been the introducer of the sport, it was undoubtedly the MIKE DAVIS teams that expanded the sport in Portugal and even in neighboring Spain.

The sale of tennis rackets, windsurfing boards and sails are proof of the brand's renown and presence in these sports. Years later, the connection to horseball, as sponsor of the national team, World Champion in 2006 in Argentina, the connection to sailing competitions, the presence in the Paris-Dakar with Miguel Barbosa's team, the promotion of karting competitions, among other actions, have consolidated the brand's elitist status.

45 Years of active presence in multiple sports have allowed us to accumulate the energy that is quite evident in the collections we produce today and that can be seen in MIKE DAVIS sales spaces.

The name casual sport integrates all the daring of being different, with attitude and a special energy.


An old passion

MIKE DAVIS is associated with motor sports. The support to several races like Transportugal and Rally of Portugal marked the connection to this type of sports activities. Pilots like Carlos Barbosa, Miguel Barbosa, Pedro Ramalho and António Simões are some of the names linked to the brand.

Schools and Competitions

The brand's association with sports was also translated into the promotion of schools and competitions, particularly aimed at the youth levels of Windsurfing and Tennis.

José Carlos Figueiredo e Silva was one of the precursors of MIKE DAVIS windsurfing schools, and Gustavo Meneres was who recruited the members of the windsurfing team that for years dominated the regional, national and Iberian championships. António Pires de Lima, Rui Ramada, Pedro Paula Pinto, Francisco Vieira de Campos, Miguel Rangel, Pedro Monteiro, among others, were part of this winning team. These events developed mainly in the 80's and 90's, consolidated with the connection to the elite athletes practicing these sports, and made Mike Davis' notoriety grow, as well as the demand for the products produced by the brand for the practice of sports. The association with the Portuguese Tennis Federation should be highlighted, which adopted as official equipment the clothing developed by the brand, thus allying Mike Davis to the national tennis, carrying the name beyond borders.

The Brand

At the end of the 20th century, embracing the opportunity for the growth of American-influenced "casual" clothing in the market, MIKE DAVIS implements the development of new collections

In 2005 the concept of the collection is extended to women's clothing, and the first women's collection appears.

With the increase in the number of its own stores and franchises in Portugal (and even abroad), the brand began a process to define its own universe and work on its casual sports identity.

The economic crisis that begins in 2008 delays this process, which is resumed in 2013 with the introduction of new ideas that reinforce the work done over more than 30 years of market presence.

Thus, strengthening its identity as a casual sport brand, with an aspirational strongly linked to the elite sports already mentioned, the brand enters a new constructive process, in order to strengthen its medium/high positioning.

The new integrated way of working the collections for men and women; the quality of raw materials and the increase of national production (95% Made in Portugal); the renewal of the concept of communication of the brand; the renewal of the concept of the store and the simplicity of the exhibition to allow the garments to take all the protagonism are the pillars of a strategy that aims to position MIKE DAVIS as a reference brand.

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